Take Care Your Neck Timely to Protect Your Health

Phubber become the highest-risk group of premature cervical spondylosis.

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items.alt Mobile phone guys
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How Much You Know the Hazards of Being a Phubber

Your beauty is constantly deducting. MORE EVER,

Shoulder Massager
Headache Dizzy Flatulence Swirl
Stiff Vomit Stay up all night Upper limb numbness

Bermu Neck Massager Details

Homedics Neck Massager With Heat
Homedics Back And Neck Massager

TEMS pulse tecnology

Homedics Vibration Neck Massager

15 geae force adjustment

Neck Shoulder Massager

4 models for choice


42 °C hot compress physical therapy

Neck Massager With Heat

Light and portable

Neck Massager Homedics

Leakage protection

Homedics Neck & Shoulder Massager

Timing function

15mins Massage a Day to Care Your Neck Better, Living Healthier Life

Save the cervical spine of the phubbers anywhere and anytime.

Homedics Shoulder Massager
Homedics Neck And Shoulder Massager With Heat

A Smart Gadget of Warm massage for Neck

Rapid heating in 10s, like lying in the sun in winter, penetrates the neck texture and releases firm muscle, making the warmth spread form the neck.

Neck Massagers

A Smart Gadget of Warm massage for Neck

Rapid heating in 10s, like lying in the sun in winter, penetrates the neck texture and releases firm muscle, making the warmth spread form the neck.

Pillow Massagers


Heated Neck Massager


Homedic Neck And Shoulder Massager With Heat


Homedics Massage Cushion


Neck Massagers With Heat


Neck Massage Machine


Homedic Neck Massager

4 models, 15 gears strength

Choose freely massage strength and massage manipulations per personal choice, The device imitates massage manipulations of master to effectively reduce the discomfort of neck.

TENS Pulse Technology to Improve Microcirculation

Using electrical frequency pulse skin conduction, directly acting on sensory nerve cells to block the transmission of pain signals between sensory nerve cells to achieve analgesic effect.

Homedics Vibration Neck Massager With Heat
Neck Shoulder Massagers

42°C warm compress, warm and comfortable

38°C-42°C is suitable for warming the body2-3 temperature can be adjusted, there is always a temperature you want

360° Omnidirectional Floating Massage

Flexible fit, freedom of movementCoping with the neck contours of people who do not need more flexible massage equipment design to cope with, you can maintain a good skin massage effect under free movement

Homedics Neck And Shoulder Massager

Quality Comes From Being Harsh on Details

Every detail is our persistence that cannot be ignored


Dry quality stainless steel electrodes


Surface design of electrode sheet, suitable for neck size of different people


Soft fit, strong toughness


One-key boot + function display, quick and easy operation

Product parameter

Product name:

Cervical Massager

Battery capacity:


Rated voltage:


Rated power:


Charging time:

about 1H

Use time:




Silicone tape length:


Homedics Shiatsu Neck And Shoulder Massager


How do we place an order?


Please kindly send us an email specifying the item, quantity, color or other specification to place an order.

Is OEM/ODM available?


Yes, it's available. For details, please kindly contact the sales persons.

What's the delivery time?


The delivery time for sample order is normally 3-7 working days after full payment received. For bulk order, it's about 10~30 working days after deposit received

How long for the warranty?


12 months, except man-made damage.