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8 Massage Areas to Care for Your Health


Massage Principle:It is a scientific and healthy massage treatment method by imitating the pulse micro-current of human fiber.

Electronic Pulse Massager

Ems Training Electrodes

  • Portable
  • 10 levels of pulse intensity
  • Comfortable
  • Lasts for 15 days
Best Massager

5 Modes with 10 Levels,Easy to Use for Total Body Care

Let the massager help you to fight the chronic pain and stress most effectively 10 levels of 25mAh intensity. Strong current output, most suitable for users with chronic muscle pain and stress.

Back Massager

15mins of Sensational Massaging Experience

To Prevent excessive massage, strong stimulation causes muscle fatigue, the device will be automatically closed after fifteen minutes.

Massagers For Backs

Strong Endurance

60minutes recharge

Massagers For Backs

Lasts for 15days

Portable Back Massager

Who We Customized for

Best Massagers

Customized for professional

Working for a long time, the shoulder and neck muscles are tightened.

Customized for travelers

Driving for a long time during the journey, the arm must be sore.

Electronic Back Massager

Customized for sports enthusiasts

During intense exercise, muscles and joints will inevitably be sprained.

Who We Customized for

Best Massanger


① Installation

Best Handheld Massager

Combine the electrode piece with the main body through thet button.

② Rip open and paste

Best Back Massager For Knots

Teat the protective film of the electrode sheet, stick to the part that need massage.

③ Turn on

Lower Back Massager

Press and hold the key for 2 second and turn it on, after a second, it will indicate that the boot is successful and the product starts to work.

④ Adjustment intensity

Back And Neck Massager

CPress +/ - to adjust the intensity. When pressing, the two drops indicate that the current is the strongest or weakest.

⑤ Adjustment intensity

Body Message Machine

Single press to open the key, a drop of sound indicates completion of the switch mode command.

⑥ Shut down

Neck And Back Massager

Automatically shut down when the time is 15 minutes, or press and hold for 2 seconds.


How do we place an order?


Please kindly send us an email specifying the item, quantity, color or other specification to place an order.

Is OEM/ODM available?


Yes, it's available. For details, please kindly contact the sales persons.

What's the delivery time?


The delivery time for sample order is normally 3-7 working days after full payment received. For bulk order, it's about 10~30 working days after deposit received

How long for the warranty?


12 months, except man-made damage.